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How to Decorate Your Home – Living Color

How to Decorate Your Home Like It’s an Art Gallery. Living Color. Kaleidoscope wallpaper, colorful furniture, hip-hop lyrics made into artwork: For Paul and Mikaela Hayama, these design details work harmoniously in their custom-built modern home. monochromatic, neutral, soft palette was an absolute no-no for me, Mikaela, a legal-operations director and mother of two in

Embrace Open-Air Living

Step Inside an Effortlessly Curated Home. Embrace Open-Air Living. Family life and parties naturally flow between the house and yard. An elevated patio sheltered by abundant bougainvillea serves as a true outdoor room, thanks to a layer of rustic textiles.

How to Design a Pair of Family Cabins

How to Design a Pair of Family Cabins. Main House: Master Bedroom. Melissa never cared much for this multi-hued Russian rug until Komenda came along. Inspired by the bold combination of colors in the textile and an adjacent painting, the designer brought other soft elements into the carefully considered bedscape, balancing the mix with natural

Brighten up built-ins

Just because the back of these shelves are tucked into the walls, doesn’t mean they can’t make a dramatic difference when painted a bold orange (which designer Kay Douglass knew all too well).